9 Adelaide Migration  

DS Movers have a long standing relationship with the Council, providing quaility move management and relocation services. The largest of which being the complete decant, storage and return of the City Hall during renovations.

Towards the end of 2015 Belfast City Council completed construction on their new city centre office block, ‘9 Adelaide’. The purpose was to accommodate a larger Council workforce and centrailise their departments. 9 Adelaide was a new 8 storey office block with a capacity for 900 staff, which adjoins the existing Cecilward Building. In total accomodating over 2000 council employees.

The relocation project was as incredibly complex series of moves which involved the relocation of over 2000 staff, sometimes 3 times each, to accommodate deadline building vacation dates and existing building renovations. The council were using their existing furniture for all moves so we had to meticulously plan ahead and account for different furniture models and ranges with different layouts and ensure the correct components were available for all. So staff were usually moving to one location whilst their furniture moved to another.