Commercial Relocation

If you are looking for commercial movers in Northern Ireland, contact DS Movers today. We are commercial relocation specialists who offer a tailored approach to our relocation projects, which results in each customer receiving a bespoke service based on your specific requirements. We take great care to make sure that every relocation project is implemented with minimum downtime and minimum disruption.

Business relocation

Whether the project is a relocation of a small business to a nearby location or the shift of a 1000 staff corporate headquarters, Delivery Services follow a consistent methodical process of planning and implementation, with professionally trained crews and innovative moving equipment. This ensures minimal disruption to business activity, and careful and safe handling of furniture, documents and equipment.
Should your lease be at an end or you’re just ready for a change then Delivery Services can help with your office move. Working for many years in the public and private sector moving furniture, sensitive computer equipment, irreplaceable records and valuable documents, Delivery Services have managed to master relocation methods and techniques. We pride ourselves in executing fast, efficient and cost effective relocation projects.


Our highly skilled and dedicated team will work closely with you and your team to understand your business requirements; evaluate the scale and scope of your business relocation and identify the key criteria for any office relocation project. Using our tried and tested method of Move Planning, which includes detailed surveys, project programming, layout design, risk assessment and resource allocation we find the most cost efficient and most effective moving solutions.


Flexibility to our customer’s needs is demonstrated by our willingness to work out-of-hours and fast track projects insuring minimum downtime.
We help our clients realise the full potential of an existing office space. At Delivery Services we plan to maximise efficiency and productivity by strategically planning and maintaining a workplace environment that best suits your company requirements.

Laboratory relocation

The moving of sensitive medical and lab equipment is a complex undertaking and requires great skill and care from the team executing the relocation. Delivery Services understands the process of moving critical and sensitive assets. We spend a lot of time training and re-training our operational staff to help ensure every move is done carefully and with minimal downtime to your important operations.


Laboratory relocations require precise planning and the often complex, hazardous and sensitive nature of the laboratory equipment necessitates an expertly trained moving crew with technical knowledge of packing and moving specialist items.
We have moved many laboratories both in the University sector and private commercial sectors. The moving of sensitive medical and lab equipment is a complex undertaking and requires great skill and care from the team executing the relocation. Delivery Services understands the process of moving critical and sensitive assets. We spend a lot of time training and re-training our operational staff to help ensure every move is done carefully and with minimal downtime to your important operations.


We are experienced in all areas of the laboratory and medical moving process and have the resources and equipment necessary for these types of moves. By using Delivery Services you will have the peace of mind that your specialist equipment and information will be moved safely and cost-effectively.

Advantages of using Delivery Services are:

  • Air-ride suspensions
  • temperature controlled vehicles to ensure the environment is right for moving any sensitive materials.
  • Full audit trail on disposal/recycling services for any hazardous lab equipment.
  • Specialist lifting equipment utilised to move bulky & heavy equipment.
  • Highly experienced in the relocation of safes + other specialist equipment.
  • Minus 80 freezers.
  • Autoclaves, samplers, x-ray machines, incubators, CAT scanners.

Library relocation

Delivery Services have the experience, qualifications and capabilities to plan and implement the physical relocation of your library collection with great care, in an organised and timely manner and with minimum disruption. Our team have consistently over the past ten years achieved the transfer of large quantities of book stock accurately using our unique methodology throughout the UK’s largest University’s.
Over the past number of years our commercial relocation service has been developed to include library relocations. We treat the moving of library stock as a specialist process requiring intense preparation, a specialised methodology, specialist training, experienced supervision and specially designed equipment.
Clients can be assured that a proven team of experienced personnel from project managers to book packers will be committed to the planning and implementation of your project. At the planning stage our team will be found invaluable in its guidance in critical variables such as fill ratios, growth rates and stock measuring that allows for accurate collection mapping and tagging. Maintaining shelf list order is, of course, the primary concern. Delivery Services will maintain this order by using a colour-coding and tagging method specifically designed for library materials. Shelving can be carefully dismantled and rebuilt by experienced fitters if required.
Delivery Services accomplish successful library moves by utilising a specially developed methodology, which is unique to the UK and Ireland, has been specifically designed to relocate book stock such as books, bound periodicals, special collections, and archive material in an exceptionally fast manor whilst ensuring accuracy of shelf list order. This was made possible by our innovative measuring and tagging system and through utilisation of moving equipment on the physical move called ‘missiles’ which can accommodate three shelves worth of pre-tagged books in one mobile vessel. On-site we precisely measured book collections in order to calculate accurate fill ratio’s (percentage of space populated with book stock per shelf), measurements are recorded on specially designed spreadsheets. Numerical coloured tags are used to allow us to address each individual shelf worth of books to an exact shelf at the new location.
The packing of collections will be accomplished by off-loading all volumes in our specially designed mobile containers, designed to access to all aisles. This method has proven to be more efficient and time saving than other methods of moving library materials. Our packing container generally holds three shelves worth of material in layers with corrugated card between layers. Our packing container has proven to clients to be superior to crates in its ability to maximise efficiency with vastly reduced noise and disruption. As all moving equipment is mobile there are advantages in both speed of deployment and rapid flexibility in temporary positioning of book stock waiting to be unpacked and easy recycling of vessels once emptied.
Our clients can be assured that Delivery Services has strong leadership and clear lines of communication, personnel are well trained, health and safety issues are addressed, equipment and vehicles are well managed, environmental issues considered and a quality management system is in place to ensure a consistently high quality service.
With the demployment of our specially designed equipment and well trained operational team we have completed a number of high profile and successful projects in the University sector, notably Imperial College
London, Birmingham City University, University of St. Andrews, Robert Gordon University, Queens University Belfast, Ulster University, University of Portsmouth, University of Greenwich, University of Dundee, University of Aberdeen, and University of Strathclyde.

IT relocation

I.T. is at the core of almost every modern business, therefore it is crucial that your relocation is carried out with care and efficiency. Our experienced staff are trained to disconnect, move and install all types of IT equipment, including servers, printers and scanners. We also attend to your particular needs and take specific requests into consideration, such as positioning the mouse or installing additional monitors on specific desks.


In order to achieve maximum efficiency, best protection and traceability of IT equipment, Delivery Services plan to utilise mobile containers to pack IT that have worked successfully on past relocations. The benefit of our packing containers is that all items from any desk are transported together, therefore each staff member is assured to receive their own mouse & keyboard etc. in their new location. IT equipment is protected with anti-static bubble wrap or bubble bags and each item is wrapped separately. Each item (monitor, base unit, keyboard and mouse) is individually labelled. Computer equipment is packed into a mobile containers or security roll cages and loaded onto the vehicle. Printers and faxes are packed in bubble/cling wrap and kept upright to ensure that ink/toners are not spilt.


The technician responsible for decommissioning a PC will be responsible for re-commissioning the same PC. PCs are checked to ensure all relevant cables and devices are present and no damage has occurred. The monitor, base unit and other devices will be positioned on the new desk as required. All cables and devices will then be reconnected, powered on and tested for network connection.


Critical to the success of relocation is the labelling strategy. Delivery Services can provide the client with easily removable self-adhesive colour-coded labels that contains vital information detailing staff name, proposed location and final room position.

Project planning and management

We believe planning is at the heart of every successful commercial relocation project. At the initial survey stage we ascertain our client’s specific requirements, which allow us to produce risk assessment evaluations, method statements, layout design and logistical and operational plans which focus on all the key issues.

To this end each project is overseen by a project manager who attends to your specific requirements, organising and planning the move carefully to achieve customer satisfaction for you and your employees.

Delivery Services put a lot of time and effort into making sure your move is handled as smoothly as possible. With any relocation we aim to deliver a package which involves minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. Every plan is uniquely formed to best suit each company particular requirements, therefore execution of relocations run effectively and efficiently ensuring customer satisfaction time and time again. We meet and coordinate with other contractors and recommend having regular progress meeting with the client to ensure the project is completed as smoothly as possible.
Our clients should be assured that a proven team of experienced personnel will be committed to the planning and implementation of your project. Our core supervisory team have a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to commercial relocation projects. This experience will be found invaluable during the planning, preparation and execution of a project. We are confident that the application of proven methodologies and premier experience of the Delivery Services personnel will provide an effective team who can achieve a well organised and efficient relocation.

Supply of crates and packing materials

Packing crates are a vital part of the vast majority of commercial relocation projects. In accordance with your requirements, we will supply the necessary quantity of office moving crates for the duration of your move.
Our plastic crates of various sizes allow staff to pack possessions, files and documents. Normally provided on a hire basis for the duration of the move, crate quantities will be estimated in advance, delivered in a timely manner, removed efficiently and controlled to ensure traceability.


Crates are labelled in accordance with the labelling strategy and can be sealed with coded cable ties for security. Typically our project manager supplies pre-printed labels based on migration schedule information.


We also stock a wide variety of packing materials to cover all move requirements such as anti-static bubble-wrap, boxes, monitor covers, security seals etc.